Advice for a new studio
Posted 2011-09-12 9:34 AM (#209205)
Subject: Advice for a new studio

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Hi everyone!
I work for a brand new yoga studio (we've been open for a month) as an instructor and office administrator. So far, we've had some interest, and about 20 clients who have purchased classes or packages. For the most part, our classes have 1 to 3 students in them, and a lot of our classes go unattended. Does anyone have any advice for new studios? We've been doing the best we can with distributing flyers, building a social media presence and spreadingthe word within the community. Has anyone else here been a part of a new studio's success?
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Posted 2011-11-05 3:48 AM (#209460 - in reply to #209205)
Subject: Re: Advice for a new studio

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Hi Samantha, i also have a new studio (5 months since i opened now!). My evening classes are averaging 7-12 people, some of the daytime (9/10am) are still empty now and again but sometimes we have up to 5 or 6, sometimes mornings we have 1 or 2! i have previously also owned a pilates studio some years ago. One piece of advice i'd offer is to keep in touch with those regulars you do have, or those who have inquired - in other words, build a database and use it! send regular newsletters with info, offers, recipes, etc. Makes those who are attending feel part of a community, and valued, and keeps your name in the mind of those who have enquired but not yet attended for whatever reason.

offering a cheaper rate for more regular attendance is also a good way of increasing the spend of those existing clients who already know how great you are- i offer a 10 visit concession card, valid for 3 months, but also a 4-week "boot camp" membership - 2 classes/wk, $99, 3 classes/wk, $140. when i started offering this, a lot of "once a week" clients became 2 or 3x a week clients! and also on that note, those existing clients are your best ad - how about having "bring a friend for free" month, where their friend gets first class free, and the client who brought them along gets a $10 voucher to use off their next concession card - no limit to how many they can use in one go - if they brought in 5 new people to try your studio, they would get $50 off their next card. it's a good incentive for them to not just talk about how much they love you guys, but actually actively market your business!
i have also had success with ads in the local paper, and when distributing flyers in the local shopping area (and shops!) taking time to stop and chat to people about what we're about. have had several clients who are staff at local businesses come to us this way.
hope this helps
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Subject: Re: Advice for a new studio


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Great insight Mish....
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