Becoming a teacher?
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Subject: Becoming a teacher?

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Hello all. I am wondering if anyone can share their experiences or knowledge on what it means to become a yoga teacher and a little on what the process looks like.

I was looking at the teacher classes they have available here in Toronto. It seems like the first step is taking the 200 - 250 hour basic certification and then move onto the 500 hour course that ends up in the student being able to actually start teaching.

I have been practicing yoga for about 2 years now, some in class and quite a bit on my own at home. I believe I have grown drastically through my practice. I can move and do things I never thought I would, but I am definitely not as advanced as many other students. Would this affect my status if I was interested in applying for the certification? How much experience do I require?

What is the next step after one actually becomes a teacher? Do you apply to various yoga studios as you would for any other job? I am so very curious and interested in learning more.

Finally, my last question is, and I realize this is jumping way ahead but I might as well ask. How does a teacher end up owning/having their own studio and initially, how much in terms of money should be reserved to start up a studio?
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Subject: Re: Becoming a teacher?

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Hi Russian Doll, yes those are a lot of questions but I will give it a shot here!

1. The first thing you need to know is that only around 15 - 20% of students actually go on to teach yoga professionally. Most of the students who take a yoga teacher training do so to "deepen their practice". Meaning they just do it because they want to immerse themselves in the yogic lifestyle.

2. Your certification type only matters if you join an organization and become registered with Yoga Alliance and International Association of Yoga Therapists. If you want to teach professionally you should try and figure out where exactly you would want to teach professionally since each country has a different set of guidelines.

3. Two years of experience is plenty if you feel good about your practice.

4. Once you have taken your 200 hour TT then you can get registered with one of the organizations and then start to teach. Its best to start off as either an apprentice and/or doing privates. Remember, you are running your own business now.

5. Owning a yoga studio means you have a loyal following. Remember, you must market and brand yourself like Shiva Rea and John Friend. They have a following. When you do get one, then you can open up a studio. Otherwise if you open one up and have no following you'll have a hard time.

Good luck!
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