means over 1500 songs
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compatible with Rock Band 3, the Squire pulls double duty as a controller and a fullyfunctional electric guitar. It's perfect for both gamers and musicians, and kills two birds with one stone in the most elegant way possible.Improvements aren't restricted to instruments though, as the gameplay itself in Rock Band 3 has been massively upgraded as well. The new game features dropin, dropout play, as well as new filters which allow users to sort songs by location, genre, length, difficulty and more. Also, players can rate songs, with higherrated tracks showing up more often in random set lists and quickplay sessions. Rating songs also leads to a Pandoraesque recommendation system where Rock Band 3 will suggest other tracks players may enjoy based on their musical preferences. All this is already stacked on top of the ability to create and save set lists, and then use those set lists to challenge friends to your very own battle of the bands. Finally, those wondering about the Cheap FF14 Gil musical selection will be happy to know that Rock Band 3 will showcase 83 songs on the disc and will be fully backwards compatible across all previous editions of Rock Band. That means over 1500 songs are currently available for the game, with an expected 2000 by launch. Players will definitely be needing all those new filters.We've been bored by rhythm games for the past couple years, and a lot of chatter around the industry claims that the genre is all but dead. Not if Harmonix has anything to say about it though the opening act may be finished playing, but the headliners are just now preparing to take the stage.E3 2010 Nintendo‘s E3 Media Briefing Liveblog. Welcome to potentially the most anticipated press event of E3 2010, the Big N, Nintendo. With rumors running rampant and anticipation having reached an alltime maximum, it's time for the mystery to end and see what the biggest company in gaming has in store for us.From Metroid Other M to the oddball Vitality Sensor, and from the brandnew Nintendo 3DS to the very likely possibility of a new Legend of Zelda,
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