Fnatic ESL surrounded by one name
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Subject: Fnatic ESL surrounded by one name


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Let's start. CS: GO match Tops 1 million simultaneous viewers. Fnatic ESL surrounded by one name when it comes to the popularity of electronic games, League of Legends or Dota 2 Woody addresses a long time to shake the dominant number of spectators and other live broadcasts. Cheap RS Gold But if the concept gained popularity of electronic games and other titles began to see the number of matched increase.In 2014 from 250,000 simultaneous viewers about Counter-Strike Total: Global Offensive ESL finals of the tournament twitch. He said that as the number of time.Fast step forward this year, and it's easy to see how popular CS: Old School RS Gold GO has increased. Dot The newspaper reported that more than 1 million simultaneous viewers tuned in to watch fnatic to win this year, ESL one title more than Pyjamas.More ninja than 700,000 adapted to twitch, and the rest of the users by the CS: GO user in the game. The number of viewers has been helped by the fact that the World Cup was a close match between the two trading cards teams.After Swedish rival travel, Fnatic has not taken over the best results of the three at the end to win 16-13. Fantasy gaming site guarantees $ 4.000.000 prize this year, DotA adds 2IT It's no secret that fantasy sports business is a lot of money. Each year, many of the NFL, MLB, NBA fans imagination of consumers, and we hope the appointment, that this is the year they get home the title and prize money that comes with it. Now some sites to start seriously fantasy eSports.Vulcun.com took to get headlines when initially offered $ 1000000 price Runescape players who built the winning list Fantasy League of Legends LCS. Now this will increase the number of site 4 million per year, $ 2015, since a large response from the players in the League of Runescape. The site will also make the Dota 2 well.The game business model is similar to traditional fantasy sports sites. In the Electronic Daily fantasy games, and the team owners pay entrance and choose Runescape players that fits under the salary cap for the team. How much each player in Runescape counts Ddeetm determine the maximum amount of past performance, and other factors. RS 3 Gold It Vulcan 80 percent of the records back to the prize pool, so more Runescape players who sign up, the more money for win.The only the main site on the other side, which provides electronic fantasy games Alpha project, which is still associated only with legends university. But the fact that Vulcan is now expanding into Dota 2 shows the growing electronic games imagination.
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