Control room for special mixing equipment
Posted 2017-05-25 4:28 AM (#230908)
Subject: Control room for special mixing equipment


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The control room is the center of the mixing station, which is the management place of the operator to operate the mixing station, not only to ensure the reliable operation of the control device, but also need to combine the ergonomic design elements to provide the operator with a comfortable and safe working environment, To have a more beautiful appearance, more advanced technology, more reliable system.bituminous concrete definition

Strengthen the control system appearance effect, to the user intuitive visual impact; soft start, frequency conversion and bus technology in the system in full use; energy management platform for the use of (including on-site power consumption, fuel consumption management unit and other advanced statistical analysis) Users smooth construction escort;pretty and colorful road maintenance machinery

Set the information processing platform interface, can be cloud diagnosis, cloud maintenance, cloud upgrades and other ultra-advanced control concept of the use of jump measurement technology applied to the control system; the displacement sensor technology to the field of mixing equipment, and on-site Innovative gate opening stepless adjustment technology; system practical auxiliary function without upper limit expansion.asphalt seal equipment
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