Selection of Oilfield Water Injection Pump
Posted 2020-09-03 5:13 AM (#255899)
Subject: Selection of Oilfield Water Injection Pump

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There are two types of high-pressure pumps commonly used in oilfield water injection pumps, namely centrifugal pumps and plunger pumps. In terms of pressure, a single-stage centrifugal pump cannot meet the requirements of this design, but it can be realized by multi-stage combination. The plunger pump can meet this requirement, but in terms of flow, the plunger pump can only meet the design requirements through multi-cylinder combination, while the centrifugal pump can use the flow of a single impeller.
From the structural analysis, even if the centrifugal pump adopts multi-stage combination, it has the advantages of small size and light weight. The plunger pump (in the case of multiple cylinders) has a large volume and a high weight. In terms of performance, the centrifugal pump can use the more popular mechanical seals, so its leakage is small and the efficiency is high. The plunger pump has serious leakage, especially under high pressure, and its transmission mechanism is not stable under high pressure.
From the analysis of the medium, if the transported medium is clean water, it is more suitable for both pumps, but its leakage is larger than the plunger pump. Of course, if the medium (such as mud) with high viscosity or more impurities is transported, the mud plunger pump is still used in the oil field.
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