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Pillars of Spiritual Progress
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Posted 2006-06-30 8:55 AM (#57228)
Subject: Pillars of Spiritual Progress

Pillars of Spiritual Progress:
The Sri Sukhmani Sahib
By James Chagula

Copyright © February 2006


Our main aim is to share practical tools, which enhance our own spiritual progress and meditation practice. Sant Mat is a path that is continuously evolving. As Sant Harjit Singh has reminded me several times, "In reality, there is no `ism' – only whatever works for each individual's spiritual development." And despite the truth of this statement; it is within various traditions that tried and tested methods for genuine spiritual attainment, have been crystallized.

Sant Mat has evolved from many paths including classical Tantra, Sufism and Vaishnavism. More recently, prior to the Radhasoami faith; the esoteric teachings of the sants were codified within the Sikh tradition. It is here where we begin and introduce one of the pillars for success in meditation; the Sri Sukhmani Sahib.

The Sri Sukhmani Sahib

The Sukhmani Sahib is a devotional prayer composed by the 5th Sikh Guru, Arjan Dev Ji. Sukhmani has been translated as "solace of the mind" which refers to the deep, soothing effect it has on the psyche. The composition contains the heart and essence of Sant Mat teachings, including: the merits of meditation; the value of Naam; association with Enlightened souls; the conundrum of the human condition and so on.

Sant Harjit Singh has informed me that the psalm is actually composed of mantras,
"It is very potent and gradually removes the negative elements from a person's (mind and outer) life. It cannot be negated. 20th century shabad yoga masters such as
Sant Sangat Singh of Kamaliya, would prescribe the Sukhmani Sahib to sufferers of leprosy; to recite 2-3 times daily as a remedial measure."

Simret Kaur

Simret Kaur and Sant Harjit Singh have been married for over 30 years. Simret translates as, "One who remembers" and Kaur, "Princess". Therefore we have the respectful, spiritual title, "the Princess who remembers (God)." Having had the pleasure of meeting Simret on many occassions, all I can say is - she is full of love. Anything else I can say is beyond the scope of this short essay. Only on very rare occasions, has my Guru explicitly spoken about his wife's spiritual attainment. One such instance is as follows:

"She (Simret) doesn't do sadhana like this (sitting back in his armchair, Maharaj closes his eyes; crosses his legs with both arms outstretched, comically impersonating a meditating yogi). It's her high level (of realization) you see; she simply does seva (selfless service) and the Grace just flows."

Why do I mention these things, you may ask? Because it's important for us to see real examples of people with genuine spiritual attainments; living practical lives; in the real world and not a remote retreat in the Himalayas. It is the useful, practical knowledge gained from their experience that we are presenting here.

How to Use The CD

In 1986 Simret Kaur recorded the Gurmukhi (Punjabi) vocals of the Sri Sukhmani Sahib, following the inner inspiration to do so. Sant Harjit Singh has since distributed copies free of charge into the thousands to his students, friends, and all those with a sincere spiritual interest. Since its conception, there have been 4 editions produced, originally in analogue cassette format. In 2003, the fourth and latest edition was digitally enhanced with background music in order to take one deeper into dhyana and samadhi.

Through regular listening to the CD, one gradually purifies the nadis (subtle energy or "chi" channels within the body); accumulating spiritual merit (or positive karma) which produces sublime mental peace, bliss and sensations of lightness. It can be incorporated into any meditation practice or used as a practice in its own right. The Sukhmani Sahib is conducive to the achievement of deep mental peace, meditation and samadhi.

I remember a conversation with Sant Harjit Singh on the same subject:

Q: I've come across many mantras on CD format, which have been recorded against musical backdrops. What is the difference when a sant records an identical CD?

A: The voice carries vibrations. She (Simret) speaks from the heart. Many recording artists speak from the throat. You compare yourself and you will hear the difference.

Comparison was not necessary because I had already done so. The difference was remarkably evident to me.

Note: The Sri Sukhmani Sahib CD is currently being distributed free of charge. However, for to obvious reasons, we can only offer this service to genuine and sincere seekers after Truth; irrespective of religious or spiritual affiliation. To request a copy, please email Sant Harjit Singh with a short introduction about yourself, at the following address:



Click here to view some newly uploaded, exclusive photos:


To hear a sample of the Sukhmani Sahib please visit the url link below:


Details of poetic English translation of the Sukhmani Sahib translation by the late Swami Rama, was published by the Himalayan Institute. You can request more info via the following link:


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Posted 2014-09-23 3:46 AM (#211683 - in reply to #57228)
Subject: Re: Pillars of Spiritual Progress


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Great Insight Buddy, Thanks
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