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Ranking Yogic Mystical Adepts
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   Yoga -> Yoga as Self-RealizationMessage format
Posted 2006-10-20 2:49 PM (#67703)
Subject: Ranking Yogic Mystical Adepts

Satya Sanatan Dharma
(The True Religion of Humanity)
By Baba Faqir Chand
Copyright © 2006

Preface: Part 2

This world has never recognized any saint or great man during his lifetime. But after his death, they erect memorials to him. Then his books and writings are keenly studied and adopted. But, these worldly people do not realize that the sayings and writings of any luminous person, or saint apply only to his times and only to the current situations. Whatever is said at a particular time, is a necessity of that particular age, but after some time such sayings cease to be that useful. Think about it.

Mahatma Gandhi, I suppose, had not attained the state of Light, but he was nearer to it and had a resolute mind. This concentration of mind he had attained through his faith and devotion to Lord Rama. He started the Civil Disobedience Movement, launched strikes and undertook fasts for the achievement of independence. Such acts were a necessity in those times. After the achievement of independence he suggested the dissolution of the Congress Party and advised people to form a new party. Did the congressmen obey him? No. People may celebrate his anniversaries year after year, but there cannot be peace and stability in the country. I am a follower of Sant Mat, Radhasoami faith, or the spiritual way of life. The founder of the Radhasoami faith, His Holiness Hazur Swami Ji Maharaj has written:

One's object can not he achieved
Without the Guru of the time

This principle is as much applicable to the worldly life as it is to the spiritual life. Can the religious dogmas of old be applied in the present age? Certainly not.

(Here Master Mohan Lal Ji intervened and requested Baba Ji to explain the three forms of Satguru as given in the hymn of Hazur Data Dayal Ji)

Luminous Self, or Light form
Sound Current
The Formless Absolute

(This Baba Faqir Chand explained as follows:)

The Luminous Self is that soul which can exist as a particle of Light. This sphere is known as the region of Brahma. He who dwells in the Sound becomes the Sound Current. As the foundation of the entire creation is the Sound or Shabad, it is named as Truth. Absolute is He Himself, Akal Purusha, or the Unnamed One in whom the soul loses its own entity after traversing the regions of the Light and Sound. It merges in the Supreme Self. I have not yet attained this Sublime Stage though I have gained a little experience of this Stage. Perhaps His Will is yet to get some work done by me. Hence I have not been able to attain this Stage. So, on the basis of my experience of the sphere of Light, I can say that the nature of Light is to spread and to create.

So, I proclaim for the good of the people that the present system of election be abolished in India. Only capable, learned and experienced persons should be elected. There should be no `political' party in the country. There should be only one party, or body which may be known by any name. And the party should work for peace, prosperity and stability of the country. Its members should not be motivated by any party or religious feeling. All the elected persons should form one body to govern the country. This governing body should be supervised, monitored and guided by such people who live an ideal life and dwell in the region of Light. Such people should exercise vigilance over the administration of all laws and acts passed by the governing body, on the basis of their experience of higher stages and, if need be, such acts or laws be repealed or revised for better results and for the good of the people.

These luminous true saints or a group of such sadhus should take the governing body into confidence for detailing the consequence of all legislation. The motive of each piece of legislation should be the good of the entire human race as also of the country. I look within and question myself, "Faqir, who would listen to you and accept your philosophy?

It may, or may not be accepted, but my opinion is based upon the principles of those sages of the past who established certain traditions and principles for the rulers to follow. In the past, sages used to guide the rulers. Their advice used to be sought for each piece of legislation. Chandra Gupta Maurya had sage Chanakya as his Rajguru. At that time there used to be Raj Dharma, which too was framed by the rishis of those days.

How the luminous true saints can be known and selected for this purpose is an important question. This can be decided by a group of impartial and true saints and not those who belong to a particular sect, creed, or religion, or are heads of any such sects, or religions. Fortunately, by His Will, the World Religious Society has come into existence. Its founder Shri Sushil Kumar Muni and the President is Sant Kirpal Singh. Those who have attained the state of Light, and those who really meditate at this centre should come forward. The followers of false guruship should not be allowed to enter it for they are beasts impersonating gurus and are good-for-nothings!

On the occasion of Kumbha Mela, I explained the true guruship and the Truth very forcefully so that the general public and the modern gurus should reform themselves. I am sure that if the rulers, the ruled and these gurus follow this path, peace and prosperity shall reign in the country. Whatever experience I gained after meditating on the Light I have explained without any reservation; as to how men may beget better children, live happily and have a peaceful atmosphere in their homes, thereby making the nation strong.

At the time of this Kumbha Mela, advocates of different philosophies and the followers of different sects had set up their camps separately. At one place a sadhu was lying on thorns. At another was a sadhu standing on one leg and yet another was standing on his head. At some place a nude body was being displayed or Ram Leela was played. By this I mean that Sanatan Dharma was represented in all its various and varied forms.

Why have these different people adopted different methods to achieve a particular object? Are they all wrong? My view is that they are not wholly wrong, but they are imperfect and incomplete. The propagators of these methods were those great men who had practiced seeing the Light within, and as such they were known as gurus. But, since the Light within is of different colours every one gave a different opinion as per his own experience. Thus, different methods and different philosophies, keeping in view the nature of people, time, object and place, came into existence for the physical, mental and spiritual peace of mankind. For your understanding I classify the luminous gurus in four classes:

Sabal Brahma – the meditator on that Light within. This (practice) strengthens the body

Shudh Brahma – one who has meditated on Shudh Brahma (Pure Light)

Par Brahma – one who meditates on Par Brahma

Shabad Brahma – one who meditates on Shabad Brahma (the inner Sound)

The centres of meditation for these classes are respectively known as

Trikuti Sunna

Maha Sunna

Bhanwar Gupha and

Sat Lok

...in the Sant Mat tradition. Light is energy. Those who meditate at the centre of Brahma, or Light within naturally attain knowledge of keeping "a sound mind in a sound body." Why is it so? It is so because when that Light permeates the body its effects activate that mind, intellect, consciousness and the ego. Man attains the powers of discrimination and becomes capable of guiding others on the basis of his personal experience. Similarly, those who meditate on the higher centre known as Shabad Brahma where Light becomes more serene, attain a blissful peace. It is on the basis of the experiences of these centres within that the different branches of yoga came into existence.

To read the full version of Part 2 of the Satya Sanatan Dharma
serialization, visit us here:


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Posted 2014-09-14 10:30 PM (#211664 - in reply to #67703)
Subject: Re: Ranking Yogic Mystical Adepts


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Thanks for this very deliberate reading buddy.
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