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The Final Stage of Yoga
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   Yoga -> Yoga as Self-RealizationMessage format
Posted 2007-05-03 7:34 AM (#85022)
Subject: The Final Stage of Yoga

Sanatan Dharma
(The True Religion of Humanity)
By Baba Faqir Chand
Copyright © 2006

Chapter 8:
Initiation (Part 2)

This work of mine is like that of a weaver who weaves first and foremost for his own living. But, his work has usefulness for many people. A shopkeeper sells the cloth woven by the weaver and earns profit on that. The tailor stitches that cloth to earn his living. The washerman washes that cloth and makes his livelihood. When that same cloth is worn out and becomes a useless piece the paper manufacturers carry it away for making paper out of it. The weaver does not do any favour to anybody. He is simply concerned with earning his own bread. Similarly, I am not doing any favour to anybody I am only doing my duty.

I was a follwer of Satanan Dharma and believed in Lord Rama. I could never imagine that I will he initiated into the Radhaswami faith. After my initiation into it, I was not able to understand the books expounding this philosophy. So, I decided that I would follow this path sincerely and then reveal to the world my own findings about this philosophy. So, I am only reaping the fruit of my own vow. It is possible that my work may prove useful for others, but I do not take any credit for it.

After birth when a child grows in his power of understanding, he thinks of three things. Whatever he sees, he follows it and tries to understand it. While in the lap of his mother, or father, he questions them, about different things, related to origin and usefulness. When I grew in this power of understanding what I thought was, "What is this world? Who has created it? Where has it come from?" I spent my whole life trying to find the answers to these questions. My understanding led me to develop this faith that there is a God. Then I decided to go out in search of Him. In this search, I studied the writings of different religions and saints and applied their writings and teachings in my practical life. My search was for Him or for Truth. First I developed a full faith in my mind that there is a Supreme Being.

After some time I was told that He possesses a physical form. Then I accepted Him in the form of Lord Rama or Krishna and worshipped Him. Lord Rama, with his bow and arrows used to stand before me for hours together as you are now sitting. I used to talk with Him. In Ramayana it is written:

Rama incarnates himself in various and varied forms
There are therefore
Ramayanas by the thousands and millions in number

Due to this impression upon my mind I had a desire to see Lord Rama in human form, to serve him and love him. Once a vision directed me to the Holy feet of Hazur Data Dayal Ji. I acknowledged Hazur Data Dayal Ji as Lord Rama. I worshipped, loved and served him to the best of my capacity. He transformed my thoughts and initiated me into Guru Mat. Then I worshipped Him as my Guru and attained many siddhis (miraculous powers). In Basra -Baghdad, when I faced disastrous situations in the battlefield, my Lord Ram appeared to me in the form of Hazur Data Dayal Ji. He gave me necessary guidance which I followed and escaped the enemy.

When I reached the city of Baghdad many of my fellow disciples met me. They seated me on a platform and worshipped me. I asked them, "Hazur Maharaj Ji is at Lahore, why are you doing this?" They said, "Master Ji," since they used to address me as Master Ji, "You appeared to us at such and such place and helped us." When they told me this I at once realised the reality of such manifestations. It confirmed my faith that these manifestations are nothing, but a creation of a person's own mind. It further confirmed my belief and convinced me that my own desires were accomplished because of my own faith and belief. Because I had pledged to speak out my realisation to the world at large, so I proclaim hereby: O' man, you may worship the Supreme Being in any form you like, you would be looked after by Him as I was looked after and my fellow disciples were looked after.

Every body saw the form of the Lord
According to his own feelings towards Him

I am not against any religion, or philosophy. Every religion and religious philosophy is right in its own area. But, mind you the Lord and Creator who is the basis of this entire creation, is unique. If I am all in all, then I should be able to do whatever I like, but I cannot. After realising my limitations, I made a search for Him. When I dived within myself I realised that the inner forms, scenes and colours are only projections of my own mind. After that, I tran­scended to the regions of Light and Sound and enjoyed the bliss of the Shabad (Sound Current). But my search for the Lord still continued to exist. If I say that the Shabad is the Lord, then who is it that listens to the Shabad? This point is very important to think about. Suppose Baba Faqir manifests himself within you. That manifestation of Baba Faqir is different and you are different from it.

Light manifests itself within you. You see that Light. You are different from it whereas the Light is different from you. Similarly, you listen to the continuous sound of the Shabd within you. That sound of the Shabd is playing, whereas you the listener are different. Then who is it that sees the Light and listens to the Sound within? It is your Real Self. Your Self sees the Light and listens to the Sound, enjoys the scenes created by the mind and beholds Baba Faqir, or the Guru within. Then who is the Real Lord within you? It is your own Self. Your own Self is the witness within. Whatever colours, forms, Light and Sound manifest within you depend upon the constitution, balance and nature of your body. Your Real Self is not your body. You reside in the body and you are the basis of this body. Similarly, the basis of this universe is the Supreme Lord, who is the source of our Self. The Supreme Lord is known by different names as Akaal Purush, Anami Purush etc.

Now, I always try to merge with the Supreme Lord within my body. Because I have known the secret, that Light and Sound are within me, it depends upon my will to see the Light and listen to the Sound, whenever I like. I may or may not visualise the Holy form of the Guru. It depends upon me to become good, or not. It depends upon my will to become a sinner or a saint. I make search for the One that sees the Light; listens to the Sound and visualises the Guru within. But at the end of this search, I also stand lost. My Self merges in the unknown, unspeakable, unnamed and infinite Supreme Being. I have told you about my experiences and my research. Now, please listen to Sant Kabir...

To read the full version of this excerpt, please see the link below:


Edited by Mysticsky 2007-05-03 7:34 AM
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Posted 2007-05-10 12:53 AM (#85779 - in reply to #85022)
Subject: RE: The Final Stage of Yoga

Very interesting. Thank you for sharing.
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Posted 2014-06-15 11:07 PM (#211574 - in reply to #85022)
Subject: Re: The Final Stage of Yoga


Posts: 210
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Great Read buddy. Thanks
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