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Esoteric Yogic Sky-Walking
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Posted 2007-07-19 11:59 PM (#91960)
Subject: Esoteric Yogic Sky-Walking

Excerpted from:

Light on Ananda Yoga
By Data Dayal Maharishi Shiv Brat Lal
Copyright © 2007

Chapter 11

1) Yoga is the path to be treaded by the head and not by the foot

2) One who follows the direction of the nose

3) Without flinching to the right or to the left
Is worthy to be accepted as a disciple

4) Man is an inverted being, turned upside down

These sayings are nevertheless true to the letter, and if properly explained, they will remove all doubts and illusions. Humans are inverted beings and they are required to go upwards, following the direction of their nose. A human being's duty is to walk through their head. These are first principles, indisputable principles of yoga; and they find their true explanation in the words that follow:

1) The Sukhmana nadi passes right up to the aperture of the nose and goes to the crown of the head. It is this path that the pilgrim has to pass through, to the Holy of Holies. Those who part their hairs through the nose, point out this path through the direction of their parting. This is what means following `The direction pointed out by the nose' and the wayfarer is warned neither to turn to the right nor the left of the path. How easy this explanation is. Formerly it was confusing and invoked fear within those who practiced; but with this explanation, all suspension and terror is vanished all at once.

2) In the order of creation, the ancient seers have spoken of the human being as `an inverted tree' whose roots are turned upwards towards the sky and whose branches are turned towards the earth. In structure, humans and trees are the same. Skin, blood, narrow, fat, moisture, veins, arteries, nerves etc. are alike in both. They eat and drink through their mouths; which are nowhere else but in their heads or roots. They think and act similarly. Humans have their sense organs in their head; and so do trees have their sensibilities implanted in their roots. However, although they are alike in every respect; the capacity for introversion is the difference between them; that one cannot do away with. The head of the tree is rooted down in the soil, while that of a human, flutters in the sky – call them roots or heads; they mean the same thing. Also, their legs and hands are branches hanging down, while in the trees they are uplifted. Trees produce and shed their flowers and fruits upwards; but humans' condition is quite the reverse. They cast their flowers and seeds downwards etc.

3) The tree thinks through its roots and humans think through their heads. The life of the person lies more in the head; and that of the tree, in the roots. The tree has its life sustaining material below in the roots while humans express thoughts fully through their heads. Whenever a person wants to know something, they concentrate their mind in upper regions of his head. Practically they `walk' in order to find out whether his aggregated impressions are amassed there or not. This faculty is called memory. This is walking through the head. In a similar way, all the regions of Spirituality find room in the apertures of the brain up to the crown of the head and man has to tread these, planting his foot of the head on and trampling these spheres of comparative materiality under his feet, flying upwards and upwards in the manner of a bird, until the highest goal is attained. This has been likened unto the walking with the head. Is this not true? Yes, but it requires practice. It requires practical knowledge and requires association with one's master, Experto Crede (trusting one who has had experience). This much for the misleading ideas that find utterances in the mouth of the ignorant people. Now about the practice.

If one has restrained his mind a little, he can continue the practice to his advantage with the help of simran, dhyan and bhajan.

Simran is the mental repetition of the Holy Name (mantra), which leads you to the path within. Dhyan is the mental meditation of the Holy Ideal (Ishta deva), which lights your path within; bhajan is the mental audition of the Holy Sound (anahat shabd), which eventually directs you to the Holy Abode within. What is difficult here?

Never utter the Holy Name in vain. Have recourse to it at the time of practice. Do everything to the purpose. Purposeless work will make you a slave of habits. And then your mode of working, here, there, and everywhere; will not be of a master; but of ritual and ceremonial observances; just like an automaton.

Light on the path; that is the result of meditation, or rather, Light which is hidden in the centres will burst forth, leading you to the centre of Light. How pleasant, how ecstatic and how blissful!

Then, there is the Sound Principle. The Heavenly Music will accompany your steps enticing you, whipping you into frenzy and transporting you to the raptures of the Minstrel, whose Melody is neither vowels nor consonants; nor uttered by the mouth of the mortals. It is something, which exceeds and baffles every sort of description. It is unuttered and unmitigated, how wonderful! In the presence of these, how can one say that the practice of ananda yoga is hard and unpleasant? It is not difficult to understand and much less difficult to practise.

Chapter 12

The practise is easy; the explanation is difficult. An efficient Master can make the path as smooth as possible. Regarding the true nature of Creation, if one was to describe it in full; they would look ridiculous in the eyes of the readers who are as innocent as children, regarding these subjects.

From the crown centre to Satlok is the motionless state of Energy and beneath it is the dynamic state of Energy. The shadow or the reflective image of the Great Deity found the real radiant One shining in His glory and thought within, "I am He," and therefore He got name of Soham. He is the Cause of all and His sphere beginning from beneath Satlok to Maha-Sunn (Great Void), is the Para-Brahmand. He being Para-Brahm, His universe necessarily becomes Para-Brahmand. Para-Brahm causes reverse reflections below, thus creating the Subtle One. This (Subtle One) is Brahm (whose function is to expand, think and grow). It is in this subtle plane of the intellect that the expansion and thinking faculties find their full play; resulting in mental creation.

This Brahm casts reflections below into the gross material plane, and appears in multiple reversed and reflective forms. These are called Pind, the embodied ones. It is here that we have our abode.

The Trinity (physical, astral & causal, or 'The Three Worlds' of Buddhism) was contained within the First State. Therefore it exists in every plane that succeeds it. And that tri-lateral condition finds expression in wakeful, dream and dreamless states.

From the above description one would be correct in thinking that here below is only a reversed reflected image; while the Reality is beyond. And it is so. Why humans are called reversed inverted beings has been explained in previously.

Yet, suppose a tree is standing on the brink of a lake. This tree is reflected downwards and their roots seem to be united. In the same way, imagine that this reversed tree is again inversely reflected. The branches of the former are united with the branches of the latter which get their roots further below. Now for the fourth time, imagine that this tree in its turn again is inversely reflected below. Its roots are united with the roots of the preceding tree, while its branches are hanging downwards. This is the human. And this is why we call them `inverted trees'.

What has been said is not illogical. We admit it is beyond our perception, but it has been proved by intuition and if it is not perceptible intuitively it can at least be understood by the faculty of discrimination. This is the downfall of the Divine human being or rather the incident of the Paradise Lost

To read the full version of the latest installment in this online serialization, please click below:

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Posted 2014-06-23 11:06 PM (#211582 - in reply to #91960)
Subject: Re: Esoteric Yogic Sky-Walking


Posts: 210
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Great read buddy, thanks.
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