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How to write a resume
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Posted 2008-05-20 2:22 PM (#107606)
Subject: How to write a resume

Could you share with me the best way to write a yoga resume? I have never needed one before so I don't know where to start. Do I include non-yoga info or keep it strictly yoga? Do I list related activities, i.e. meditation retreats, seminars, etc?

I have been self-employed since I became a teacher so how do I deal with that issue.

I am going to give a shot to teaching in Canada for the first time and working for a studio rather than running one. Any tips will be greatly appreciated.
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Posted 2008-05-20 2:37 PM (#107610 - in reply to #107606)
Subject: RE: How to write a resume

my resume is as follows:

Contact Information

Yoga Experience--with a bulleted list, i put how long i've been practicing yoga, how long i've been teaching yoga, how long i've been practicing thai yoga massage, and which professional organizations to which i belong (International Yoga Teacher's Association, International Association of Yoga Therapists, Yoga Alliance--though that's currently "lapsed.")

Yoga Education--here, i give the dates from most recent to most distant past of all of the yoga and thai yoga massage training that i have had to date that is directly related to yoga teacher training. apprenticeships, teacher trainings, continuing education workshops, and even self-guided studies if taken in depth on a particular topic.

Buddhist Studies--i segregated out my buddhist studies because i'm not "certified" in any way to teach anything buddhist. that is, i have no specific transmission of dharma that would take me to the point of being a 'buddhist teacher' but the buddhist teachings do influence my teaching, which i think is valuable for employers to know. i describe what sort of buddhist training and studies i have had so that individuals can know what sorts of 'angles' i take in buddhism.

this has both gotten me jobs and kept me from jobs, but i like to have my cards all out on the table.

Education--this is m "regular" education--university and graduate degrees.

Media Publications--my self published items.

Management Experience--one level of employment worth mentioning, i think, depending upon the job. i might cut this for a 'regular' teaching job, but if they're looking for someone to 'run a program' or develop a program for them, then it is good to show that i have managed programs before (studios, programs in gyms and related facilities, and teacher trainings).

Retreats, Workshops, Special Events--i describe the various retreats, workshops, and special events that i have lead. this can help an employer "see" where some of my own interests lie, where my students are (what they study, or who is attracted to my teaching style), and also determine if this is an area which they want to explore in the future with me beyond teaching or managing or whatever.

Employment--basic employment history since the beginning.

And for what it's worth, this is more of a CV than a resume. resumes are typically one page, this is a CV so it's currently 4 pages long.

but, the most important stuff is on the first page.

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Posted 2008-05-20 4:18 PM (#107621 - in reply to #107606)
Subject: RE: How to write a resume

Didn't Oskar Schindler become poor by giving?

More on the resume thingy later when time permits.
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Posted 2008-05-27 2:58 PM (#107908 - in reply to #107606)
Subject: RE: How to write a resume

Hi and thank you for the replies

Sorry about the late reply. I spilled a whole cup of tea into the keyboard of my laptop last week Good thing I am practicing being unattached. Keep your beverages away from your computers folks! So now I have a MacBook and I dont know how to use it yet.

Zoebird: I am glad you brought the stuff about your Buddhist studies because that is just the kind of stuff I am not sure should be on the resume. That is kind of why I asked. Things like Vipassana, Buddhist studies, Deepak Chopra seminars are all things I would like to include but I wonder if it gives things a religious slant?
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Posted 2008-05-27 3:48 PM (#107909 - in reply to #107606)
Subject: RE: How to write a resume

BT, send me an email (on my profile) and I can send you my resume as another approach. Congrats on the new computer--did you get a waterproof cover? 
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Duffy Pratt
Posted 2008-05-27 5:51 PM (#107916 - in reply to #107606)
Subject: RE: How to write a resume

"Didn't Oskar Schindler become poor by giving?"

Giving was a direct cause of his poverty. But consider the alternative. If he had kept his profits, he almost certainly would have had them taken from him as a war profiteer. On top of that, as a Nazi, he likely would have been killed or imprisoned for a long, long time -- all depending on who caught him. So, poverty was in his future either way, I think.

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Posted 2008-05-28 2:30 PM (#107957 - in reply to #107606)
Subject: RE: How to write a resume

it does give things a religious slant, but i point out to people that yoga is a spiritual disipline that can be applied to any context (religious or otherwise).

so, for me, it's not a problem to include such things. it also demonstrates how "well rounded" your education is or may be. there are schools of yoga that completely avoid the spiritual topics and aspects of it, and there are schools that are deeply seeped in that aspect, and there are individuals who go to a school that may not have it, but may study the spiritual aspects of yoga in another context or way.

i think it provides a rounded picture of one's education and perspective (assuming one would utilize that perspective to teach--if not, then it's not relevant), but again, it can keep one from getting hired in certain locations.

so, you could always have two or more resumes, for different purposes and venues.

i just read a resume that was really interesting recently. she had her yoga and massage training, her training as a group leader (in take/group level) at a drug rehab facility, and a few other facts towards the bottom--including her jewish/kabbalah studies.

the studio isn't currently hiring, but i don't think this would keep her from getting hired with us, you know?
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Posted 2011-06-16 7:03 AM (#208688 - in reply to #107606)
Subject: RE: How to write a resume


Posts: 89
Location: Montana, US
Please refer the links given below which will help you write a best yoga resume.

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