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Yoga Body Diet

Yoga Body Diet
Price:  $21.99

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A yoga body is the only one you have now, only healthier. This book is your complete guide to how to get it. And the benefits donít stop at your appearance. At the end of 4 short weeks, youíll feel better, youíll think more clearly, and youíll find itís much easier to keep a positive mindset and roll with lifeís inevitable punches. Itís not as difficult as you might think! Hereís how it works. The newest research has demonstrated beyond the shadow of a doubt that active relaxation triggers better blood flow to your organs, improving digestion and immune function. Yoga also puts you more in touch with your body, decreases stress and blood pressure, and regulates your nervous system, cultivating balance in the body. And it pulls muscle toward bone, creating a lithe and lean frame rather than gym-built bulk.

The Yoga Body Diet shows you exactly how to eat well, shop wisely, and stretch yourself slim. The best part? NO YOGA EXPERIENCE NECESSARY. On this easy, 4-week plan, you will eat, move, and think according to your natural rhythms. Youíll relax your systems rather than stressing them out, so that you wonít experience the intense hunger pangs that often come when the body is in overdrive. In 4 short weeks, The Yoga Body Diet shows you how to de-stress your life, balance your system, and get the yoga body youíve always wanted . . . for life.

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 • Paperback: 256 pages
 • This food is nothing at all like bland diet fare!
 • Slows the body's systems, decreasing stress, blood pressure, and cultivating balance in the body.
 • The perfect solution to the stresses of the modern woman's lifestyle!

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