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    Stress Relief: Creating a Balanced Life in a Fast Paced World
    Gini Grey
    Feeling overwhelmed and stretched to the max is normal for too many people. It's time to take the pressure off and reduce daily demands to ease stress and create ...
    Thai-Yoga Massage - Rising Popularity of an Ancient Therapy
    Nina Schnipper
    Thai-Yoga massage is also known as Thai-Yoga or Thai massage. It is practiced in the Thai, or Siam, culture for well-being and prevention. It produces the therapeutic effects of yoga. However, it feels wonderfully relaxing as it is applied. You, the recipient, passively receive the ...
    Meditaton Techniques – An Easy Way to Release Stress
    Vlad Moskovski
    How do you get ready for meditation? What are the steps necessary to get into the proper mind set and how do yourelease stress from your busy day? You want the body to be so relaxed and comfortable that you can forget all about ...
    Reconnect with Food: Yoga in Relationship with Food, Body Image, and Emotions
    Beverly Price, RD, MA, RYT
    Conversation is a barrier to intimacy...you can talk your way out of feeling.  For individuals struggling with weight and food issues, many have learned that a diet or psychotherapist cannot solve the root these concerns—only you can look inside and discover what your soul needs to ...
    Personal Goals from the Inside Out
    Ronald L. Mann, Ph.D
    Conventional wisdom dictates that we must set clear goals and have vision if we are to achieve great things. After all, how can we get to we are going if we do not know where we want to go? Now ask, who is setting the goals and who is creating the ...
    And Men Can Come Too…Yoga for Men's Health
    Phil Aston, BWY Diploma
    For men, being able to tell the difference between bad stress and healthy stress can be impossible. From an early age we are told to push ourselves to the limit, to compete on every level.  The jobs we go for include the maxim 'must be able to work under pressure'. ...
    Four Simple Steps to Less Stress by Taking Yoga “Off the Mat”
    Megan McDonough
    It’s not hard to imagine Henry David Thoreau living in utter simplicity on his land at Walden Pond in Concord, Massachusetts. ...
    Take a Moment to Pause: Yoga Practices to Ease Holiday Stress and Fatigue
    Cindy Lawrence, CMT, CYT
    During the holiday season do you find yourself feeling that there is too little time and too much to do? My solution is to simplify. ...
    Mind Weeds
    Jerry Kuhlman
    Time and again I talk to people who are frazzled by life, at wit’s end.  I recently read that the average American gets hit by over 2000 sales pitches daily.  I don’t know if that’s true, as it could have been another sales pitch, but, no doubt, we’re under a constant ...
    Yoga for Better Health and Living: Relaxation
    John C. Kimbrough
    When individuals think of relaxation, they usually think of something that they enjoy doing and find sensually stimulating, exciting or interesting. ...

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