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    Pilates Literally Focuses on Inner Strength
    Maia Appleby
    If you've spent any time at all in fitness circles over the past few years, you've heard mention of "core conditioning", "matwork" or "Pilates", all basically synonymous terms. Gyms worldwide are offering classes in this discipline, replacing many high-impact activities like kickboxing and step aerobics. Celebrities including Marisa Tomei, Patrick Swayze, Vanessa Williams and Jamie Lee Curtis pitch it with great zeal. What on Earth is it???
    One good way to define Pilates is to call it "yoga with ...
    Five Awesome Pilates Exercises for the Abs
    Maia Appleby
    What do people ask about the most often? You got it -- they want to know what the best abdominal exercises ...
    What is Pilates?
    Yoga.com Staff
    The Pilates Method is a sophisticated system of gentle but effective, whole-body conditioning and corrective exercise which has been popular among dancers and other people wanting to be fit in the US for over 80 years.  People of all ages and physical conditions may benefit from Pilates exercises. The exercises are also an effective tool for injury prevention and rehabilitation. Dancers and athletes who are depend on their bodies are drawn to ...
    Pilates: Holistic Fitness Goes Retro
    Nancy Wright
    In response to the latest trend in fitness, exercise and health, people are flocking to Pilates classes and Tammy Plaxico's phone is ringing off the hook. One of the few extensively trained instructors in the Stott Pilates method, Plaxico has a waiting list for some classes she limits in order to maintain personalized ...

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