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    One Woman's Story: An Athlete Discovers Yoga
    Brigitte Occhi
    As a seasoned triathlete addicted to long distance, I started experiencing lots of physical annoyances once I hit that 40-plus age ...
    Yoga on the Run : 4 Poses for Runners
    Lynn Burgess
    As a yoga teacher, I often hear runners complain of sore feet, bad backs and knees, tight hamstrings and hips. ...
    How Far Can You Stretch?
    Rachel Keller
    Do you know why you should stretch? Do you know just how flexible you are? Try this simple test to find out how flexible you are and then try incorporating some of these simple stretches into your daily ...
    How Yoga Can Better Your Running Technique
    Maia Appleby
    This may sound crazy, but yoga and running have a lot in common. They both require practice, agility, flexibility, patience and your own breathing ...
    Stretching for Results
    Joni Hyde
    You might have already read about the correlation between stretching and strength, and though it may be hard to understand, research has backed up the ...
    Yoga Firms Your Body
    Sam Dworkis
    Approaching middle age and beyond, we complain about losing our youth, vitality, and our firm and youthful-looking bodies. As we age, skin loses its resilience and begins to wrinkle and sag. Before we know it, our face is affected; excess skin gathers around our bellies and on the backsides of our arms. It reminds us that if we don’t do something soon, we’ll look much older than we ...
    Fitness Balls Give You a Colorful Workout
    Maia Appleby
    Have you ever walked into the gym and seen a huge, brightly colored rubber ball on the floor? It sure looks like a fun exercise toy, but what do you do with it? ...
    Posture Perfect
    Pam Germain
    Did you know that back pain costs the economy billions of dollars a years? Low back problems account for more lost work hours than any other occupational ...
    The Low Down on Low Back Pain
    Joni Hyde
    Odds are that at some point in your life you'll experience low back pain. An estimated 80 percent of adults are afflicted with low back pain at some point in their lives. Some back pain is caused by non-preventable factors (traumatic accidents, congenital defects, tumors), but the majority of low back pain is ...

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