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    Prasarita Padottanasana
    YogiSource.com Staff
    Pronunciation: pra-SA-rita pa-dot-ANAS-ana

    Prasarita Padottanasana means Wide-Legged Standing Forward ...

    YogiSource.com Staff
    Many do this pose after Shoulder-stand (Sarvangasana) to give the spine and opposite stretch and help the neck release. It opens the sternum and chest and is a backbend. It is such a panacea that it is called the destroyer of ...
    YogiSource.com Staff
    Feel the pose intensely in the hamstrings. Hanumanasana is a forward splits as the back leg extends behind you while the front leg ...
    Bhujangasana: The Cobra Pose
    YogiSource.com Staff
    n Sanskrit, bhujanga means snake or serpent thus the Cobra Pose. Asana translates to pose or posture and also ...
    Hooray for Hips!
    Piera Bonventre
    Hips are a huge factor in Yoga practice.  They involve a lot of different movements and actions. So read on and get hip on hips!  ...
    Viparita Karani: Inverted Lake Posture
    YogiSource.com Staff
    Viparita, a Sanskrit word, means inverted or turned around. Karani is action. Viparita Karani is the action of inverting yourself.  It has been translated as the “inverted lake” pose.  This posture is also called Legs-up-the Wall ...
    Dwi Pada Dandasana
    YogiSource.com Staff
    This is a super pose for opening the heart and making the spine fluid and not a beginning pose yet not too ...
    Setu Bandha Sarvangasana: Supported Bridge Pose
    YogiSource.com Staff
    This posture is a relatively simple, but still exhilarating, ...
    Supported Pigeon Pose: Salamba Kapotasana
    YogiSource.com Staff
    This is a hip opening pose that is an antidote for tight ...
    Eka Pada Viparita Dandasana
    YogiSource.com Staff
    Eka Pada Dandasana is a strong backbend.  In the pose the head is nestled in the hands as in Sirsasana (the headstand), and the torso is gracefully arched into the air.  One foot remains on the floor while the other leg is raised and extended with the foot pointing towards the ...

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