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    Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga: My Story
    Brandt Passalacqua
    At 30, I found myself with an autoimmune disease, overweight, and ...
    How to be a Good Yoga Teacher for Yourself
    YogiSource.com Staff
    First of all, be loving to yourself as you do your yoga practice. Think of yoga as an exploration. It is a place to cultivate awareness, and that awareness of the self is your teacher in ...
    Finding Space in Your Life
    Yoga requires a regular and wholehearted effort. If you’re feeling scattered, do a focused five-minute asana rather than a lackadaisical two-hour ...
    Yoga: The Ongoing Quest for Self-knowledge
    Victor Oppenheimer
    Yoga focuses on the goal of developing a continually growing awareness of and integration of all aspects of one's physical, emotional, and intellectual ...
    Important Fun
    Frank Jude Boccio, RYT
     Freedom and happiness are not found in some future time or other place. They are found here/now and here/now is always changing. My hope is that you may find real pleasure and real fun in this most important matter of birth and death, the real field of yogic action ...
    Yoga for Relaxation
    Ana Davis
    This is a brief introduction to a little of what yoga can offer. We strongly recommend you seek out a yoga teacher in your local area to gain a greater ...
    Science shows Health Benefits from Yoga
    Dr. Linda Posch MS SLP ND
    My yoga experience coupled with my willingness to open up to the principles and teachings, resulted in nothing but positive results for me. After 15 years of restless nights, sleep arrived ...
    Tips for Regular Yoga Practice
    Michael Russell
    As with everything in life, yoga is effective but it will only work if you 'work it'. For results with Yoga, as with any program, one needs to learn two simple rules; dedication and ...
    How Your Practice Serves You
    Amey Fearon Mathews
    A little while back, I came across a lovely quote from ...
    Reconnect with Food: Yoga in Relationship with Food, Body Image, and Emotions
    Beverly Price, RD, MA, RYT
    Conversation is a barrier to intimacy...you can talk your way out of feeling.  For individuals struggling with weight and food issues, many have learned that a diet or psychotherapist cannot solve the root these concerns—only you can look inside and discover what your soul needs to ...

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