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Flexibility Yoga - DVD with Patricia Walden

Flexibility Yoga - DVD with Patricia Walden
Price:  $14.95

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Yoga Journal's more advanced offering of yoga stretching exercises presents two routines for flexibility: back stretches and front stretches. Each routine begins with a short warm up, though if one is not already well practiced in yoga stretching techniques, not to mention already flexible, some of these stretches should not be attempted. Even the so-called "moderate" poses for those with less strength and flexibility are difficult to achieve. Patricia Walden encourages the viewer to practice often and work toward the stretching goals, and conscientiously demonstrates the stretches in a methodical manner. The principles of balance and strength in all parts of the body (achieved by practicing both front and back stretches) is a lofty goal for many, but one to work toward in small increments. The two distinct routines in this video are conveniently presented separately so that they can be combined or practiced alternately. (If you're not already on your way to yogic flexibility, in the beginning you may be sitting out a good part of this video.) The production value, like the other Yoga Journal offerings, is consistently good and even. Certain stretches require props such as yoga blocks, but chairs and phone books are a good substitute for the home user. DVD. Click the small image to enlarge view.
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