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Iyengar Yoga Poses for the Back by Karen P. Barr, MD
This type of yoga focuses on proper alignment and precise movements. Karen P. Barr, MD is an Assistant Professor in Rehabilitation Medicine at the University of Washington in Seattle, WA makes some suggestions of poses to help your back.
Foods that Work Against Depression by Expert Dr.Jacob Farin
I was hoping that there was be things such as 'antidepressive' foods that give you a natural lift or vegetables that can be combined into my diet.
Dealing with Mild Depression Naturally by Expert Dr.Jacob Farin
I'm 50 years old. I may be dealing with mild depression that possibly has been with me all my life. Lately I've been feeling edgy, anxious and off mentally. Most recently I started taking a Magnesium/Calcium supplement that has taken away some of the anxiousness. I take a multivitamin daily along with the magnesium/calcium. My doctor and my therapist are talking about me taking an antidepressant. I would think vitamins/supplements and my diet might benefit me. I don't know how much to take, of what and how often. I'm aware extra potassium may help. I've also heard of 5-HTP supplement. Is there anything more I can do?
Natural Medicine for Carpal Tunnel by Dr. Jacob Farin
I have carpal tunnel and would like to know the natural medicines used for this condition.
Natural Menopause with Herbs by Dr. Jacob Farin
Can you mix doses of Dong Quai with Black Cohosh to relieve symptoms of natural menopause such as hot flashes, heart palpatations (not disease related)? Is it safe to take them at the same time. Are they both plant estrogens?
Introducing Dr. Jacob Farin Naturopathic Expert

"Because I take my own advice, I now experience optimal health. Let me help you optimize yours."

How Do I Stretch My Neck Muscles? by Yoga.com Staff

If I press on the sides of my neck below my ear, I feel these really hard muscles that never seem get stretched out and soft. What can I do to stretch this area?

Thomas W. Myers by Yoga.com Staff
Thomas W. Myers is an anatomist, author and integrative bodyworker with 25 years experience in a variety of cultural and clinical settings.
Loren Fishman by Yoga.com Staff
After graduating from Christ Church, Oxford, spending the year 1973 with Mr. Iyengar in Pune, attending every class, public and private, and taking daily instruction, Loren M. Fishman, M.D., was told “You can teach my yoga.”
What is actually stretching when I do a yoga pose? by Yoga.com Staff

The anatomist is tempted to answer, "Your mind!", but let's see if we can shed a little more light on the actual flesh the mind embodies.