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YogiSource.com is the preeminent yoga website because of its excellent blend of information, articles, products, and studio listings. We are also constantly at work to add new features to the YogiSource.com website including ticketing, newsletters, improved message boards, enhanced search tools, more content and celebrity endorsements.

This is all part of our ongoing effort to create a premium user experience so that people stay longer at our site, come back more frequently and consistently refer to us as their source for all things yoga. With a web address like YogiSource.com, we have a natural advantage over any other yoga sites – people can't forget our name! In fact, we estimate that traffic to the YogiSource.com website will increase 100% this time next year.

YogiSource.com offers a website program to help your studio or business succeed in attracting new students and increasing users' awareness of your brand.

The YogiSource.com Website Packages

Get Placement: YogiSource.com Website PackagesThe YogiSource.com Website Packages represents a powerful way to connect with yoga students in your area. YogiSource.com gets over 3000 unique users per day and many of them come online to find a yoga studio in their town, or in a town they will be visiting. Our database of over 10,000 yoga teachers and studios is growing every day with new additions in every state, and many countries overseas, but users can't find your studio unless you list it.

We offer free yoga studio listings that include name of studio, address, phone, contact, styles of yoga and price. We also offer an array of pay services that can dramatically increase your presence online, and really let users know what you and your studio are about. The Enhanced Listing, the Deluxe Package, and the Premium Package are all low cost ways to connect with students and get a foothold in the increasingly competitive online yoga market.

Explore the features of the four packages. If you have any questions or would like to signup for one of the packages, please do not hesitate to send us email at cs@YogiSource.com.

Free Listing

Free Listing

A Free Listing gets your studio online and entered into YogiSource.com's studio directory. Users can search by studio name, zip code, teachers, and state. You can enter your studio's address, contact info, and styles of yoga offered.

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The Enhanced Listing

Enhanced Listing

$36.50 per year
The Enhanced Listing puts the power to control your online presence in your hands. Along with the top placement and eye catching results you get when you sign-up up for a premium listing, you also get a studio information page popup window that you maintain and update whenever you want. You can log in to YogiSource.com's Studio Manager and change text or update pictures 24 hours a day. This is an excellent choice for small to mid sized studios who are looking to expand their member base, and raise awareness for their studios in their area.

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The Deluxe Studio Package

Deluxe Studio Package

$99.00 per year
The Deluxe Studio Package is a great choice for studios who want a strong presence online. The highlights of this package include: a website completely maintained by your studio with a class schedule and special event calendar, instructor pictures and bios, an about section, pictures of your studio, and a map of your studio's address. The package also includes higher placement on studio results pages. Your logo/preview picture will be featured both in the studio results, and the event listings pages so user know that a particular listing is associated with your studio. This is an easy, inexpensive way to jump-start your online presence, and connect with the thousands of YogiSource.com users all over the world.

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The Premium Studio Package

Premium Studio Package

$249.00 per year
The Premium Studio Package is a complete solution for studios who have a large amount of content, and want to expand their presence online. Along with the complete studio website as described above in the Deluxe package, you also get the ability to add up to 10 pages to this site, accommodating pictures, special event ads, featured articles, and more. These are all easily maintained in the Studio Manager, and you can update them 24 hours a day. If your studio is looking for a marketing push on a shoe string budget, this package is hard to beat.

Yoga illuminary and world renown teacher Patricia Walden uses this packages herself to maintain a link to her large population of students.

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