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    Thai-Yoga Massage - Rising Popularity of an Ancient Therapy
    Nina Schnipper
    Thai-Yoga massage is also known as Thai-Yoga or Thai massage. It is practiced in the Thai, or Siam, culture for well-being and prevention. It produces the therapeutic effects of yoga. However, it feels wonderfully relaxing as it is applied. You, the recipient, passively receive the ...
    Thai Yoga Massage - Ancient Wisdom For Modern Healing
    Sara Avant Stover
    I soon learned that Traditional Thai Massage (known as nuad boran in northern Thailand) arrived in Thailand approximately 2,500 years ago after its birth in India through Dr. Jivaka Kumar Bhacca, personal physician to the ...
    Chinese Self Massage
    Erle Montaigue
    All Chinese healing methods make use of the internal energy called by the Chinese, Ch'i or Qi. To us it is plain old life force or energy which controls or internal wellbeing. More or less of this wonderful stuff and we become well or remain ill. ...

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