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    What is Rolfing?
    Yoga.com Staff
    Rolfing uses deep manipulation of the fascia (connective tissue) to restore the body's natural alignment, which may have become rigid through injury,  emotional  trauma, and inefficient movement ...
    What is Pfrimmer Deep Muscle Therapy?
    Yoga.com Staff
    Pfrimmer deep muscle therapy was developed by Theresa Pfrimmer. Once partially paralyzed, she overcame her disability through deep muscle manipulation and spent the next 30 years developing this ...
    What is Craniosacral Therapy?
    Yoga.com Staff
    Craniosacral Therapy is a manual therapeutic procedure for remedying distortions in the structure and function of the Craniosacral  mechanism -- the membranes that contain the cerebrospinal fluid within the head and spinal column, as well as the cranial (head and face) bones to which these membranes are ...
    What is Neuromuscular Therapy?
    Yoga.com Staff
    Neuromuscular Therapy (NMT) is a comprehensive program of soft tissue manipulation that balances the body's central nerveous system with the musculoskelatal ...
    What is Myofascial Release?
    Yoga.com Staff
    Myofascial release is used to evaluate and treat restrictions in the body's contractile connective tissues (muscles) and non-contractile supportive connective tissues (fascia) by the application of gentle traction, pressures and ...

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