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20 Practical Weight Loss Tips You Can Use Today

Yoga.com Staff  7/29/2002
These 20 weight loss tips will help you achieve your weight loss goals. They are simple and effective.  Read through each of them -- it will take less than 5 minutes. Choose your top 5 tips and apply them for 10 days...

Can Bikram Yoga Help Me Lose Weight?

Yoga.com Staff  9/28/2002
A minimum of 10 classes per month is recommended to get the benefits of Bikram yoga.

How to Flatten Your Tummy

Rachel Keller  7/29/2002
The best way to flatten that tummy is through the combination of diet and exercise. Exercise will firm the abdominal muscles and diet will help you lose the extra weight and flab. You can exercise your abdominal muscles all you want, but without losing weight, you won't get that flat tummy.

How to Lose Weight

Anatole  12/29/2004
Losing weight is a common concern in our society. More often than not, Westerners eat indiscriminately and do not like to exercise. In our consumer culture, almost everyone, at one point or another, uses food to fill the void in his or her heart.

Little Steps Toward Big Goals

Joni Hyde  1/1/2005
Sometimes it's the little things that count the most when working toward your goals. Here are 20 little ideas that when implemented can get you big results.

Make Peace With Your Body

Joni Hyde  12/29/2004

Body image is the mental picture a person has of her body. A distorted body image can have very tragic results. When we feel bad about our body our mood plummets. Unfortunately a lot of us punish ourselves for not having perfect bodies and even hate our bodies, or parts of them. This negative image poisons the rest of our self-image making it impossible to really be happy.


Motivation to Get Moving

Edel Jarboe  7/29/2002
We know that exercise is good for us. From reducing the risk of heart disease, weight management, controlling cholesterol, diabetes, and high blood pressure levels to boosting energy levels and managing stress, study after study have shown that exercise can not only save our lives in the long-term but improve its quality as well.

New Moves For Your Aerobic Workout

Joni Hyde  7/31/2002
You know you need to work in your target heart rate zone for 20-30 minutes for health benefits.  You even understand how to increase your heart rate by performing activities like running, walking or biking which are the old "standby activities."  So what is the problem? B.O.R.E.D.O.M.!!!

Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga: My Story

Brandt Passalacqua  1/7/2011

At 30, I found myself with an autoimmune disease, overweight, and confused.


The Link Between Yoga, Mindfulness, and Weight Loss (Part 1)

Paul Jerard  12/30/2005
Across the Globe, nutritional and fitness experts are baffled at the results of a study, conducted by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Dr. Alan R. Kristal, the lead researcher of this study, remarked, "I was very surprised with the results."
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