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A Few Words About Power Yoga

Mark Blanchard
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Yoga Pose

A Few Words About Power Yoga

Throughout the years many people have come to think that Yoga only entailed breathing techniques, chanting and stretching. The truth is that Yoga was developed as a challenging form of exercise. It was scientifically designed 6,000 years ago by the Hindus to harness strength and endurance so the practitioner could overcome the harsh obstacles that existed back then.

What It Does

The word Yoga means union or balance. In life, the only constant is change.  Through practicing Yoga, one keeps up with the changes and brings the body, mind and spirit into balance. Yoga cultivates a calm and focused mind, a strong and flexible body, and a feeling of completion, satisfaction and peace. The direct benefits include increased strength, flexibility, endurance, better balance, weight loss, stress reduction and relaxation.

How It Does It

It is a rigorous, cardio-vascular practice that consists of supporting your own weight in a combination of postures, holding these positions while breathing dynamically and flowing into new postures building strength and focus, making tight joints more flexible and releasing tension. It is a high heat, high energy workout that increases stamina, tones your body, develops focusing abilities and really makes you sweat. In fact, it's the ideal method for training athletes because of its intense strength and flexibility aspects. As a result, many sports are turning to Power Yoga for its unparalleled conditioning, injury prevention and rehabilitation.

After experiencing this wonderful regimen you'll wonder why it took you so long to become a power yoga student.