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Yoga for Weight Loss

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  1. Yoga Complete for Weight Loss
    Lose weight, get in shape and keep it off with 20 different routines, each 30-90 minutes. New product endorsed by Yoga Journal.
  2. Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss
    This yoga DVD helps you naturally lose weight and keep it off.
  3. Yoga Zone :: Yoga for Weight Loss
    Whether you are looking to trim a few pounds or start a more significant weight reduction program, Yoga Zone`s inspiring DVD will help you reach your ...
  4. Yoga Zone :: Total Health 3-Pack
    This yoga DVD set includes: Flexibility and Stress Release / Power Yoga for Strength and Endurance / Weight Loss.
  5. Pilates for Weight Loss
    This DVD gives you 15 customized mat workouts so you will enjoy variety in a Pilates routines designed for shaping up.

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  1. The Link Between Yoga, Mindfulness, and Weight Loss (Part 1)
    Across the Globe, nutritional and fitness experts are baffled at the results of a study, conducted by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center in Seattle. Dr. Alan R. Kristal, the lead researcher of this study, remarked, "I was very surprised with the ...
  2. Peaceful Weight Loss through Yoga: My Story
    At 30, I found myself with an autoimmune disease, overweight, and ...
  3. Yoga and Weight Loss
    Is yoga a useful activity for weight loss? Well... yes! Yoga can help you lose weight in several indirect ways. It sets you up psychologically for weight loss, giving your whole lifestyle a more solid ...
  4. Yoga and Ayurveda: Two Sides of One Coin
    In our Western culture, many people use Yoga asana as a stretching tool to keep the body limber and agile. To this extent there is no better practice. Traditionally, however, Yoga postures are a part of a much greater spiritual ...
  5. A Few Words About Power Yoga
    Throughout the years many people have come to think that Yoga only entailed breathing techniques, chanting and stretching. The truth is that Yoga was developed as a challenging form of exercise. It was scientifically designed 6,000 years ago by the Hindus to harness strength and endurance so the practitioner could overcome the harsh obstacles that existed back then. ...

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  1. Yoga and Weight Loss?
    Is there any style of yoga or postures that will help a person lose weight?
  2. Yoga and Weight Loss?
    Every form of yoga can help you loose weight. But remember, loosing weight the yoga way is not about burning calories through exercise. It is about re-harmonising ...
  3. Yoga and Weight Loss?
    Thanks for the response. Have you yourself lost weight doing yoga? What type of yoga do you do? I am taking a Kripalu yoga class right now, I am enjoying ...
  4. Yoga and Weight Loss?
    Hi Angie: I've never been too overweight - max 4Kg more than I'd like to be - and that's invariably happened when I havent done yoga for a while or indulged ...
  5. Yoga and Weight Loss?
    I know what you mean about the holiday feasting :) It certainley is easier to put weight on though. Do you know anything about the salutations and different ...

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Yoga Zone :: Yoga for Weight Loss
Yoga Zone :: Yoga for Weight Loss

Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss
Yoga Conditioning for Weight Loss

Yoga Zone :: Total Health 3-Pack
Yoga Zone :: Total Health 3-Pack

Yoga Complete for Weight Loss
Yoga Complete for Weight Loss